Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring durable?

Vinyl flooring has been in kitchens and bathrooms for decades. It usually has a lifetime warranty attached to it. Best of all, it’s waterproof. Let’s get more into the specifics of luxury vinyl flooring.


Attractive and stain, and scratch-resistant, luxury vinyl is hard to match. It can fit into any budget. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Luxury vinyl comes in planks and tiles that mimic hardwood, stone, tile, and brick. It is created with several layers to it. The surface layer protects the image layer, which is also known as the design layer. The most durable vinyl has a wear layer atop the surface layer that is very thick, and some wear layers have a coat on top of it to add to the lifetime of the vinyl.


Vinyl flooring can come in sheets to fit whole rooms. Or it can come in planks or tiles. It has few seams in it when installed, so the subfloor is protected from liquids. The core of luxury vinyl is made of PVC, a standard construction material that is entirely waterproof. This means that the design layer, the core of the luxury vinyl, will not ripple, warp, or peel when exposed to water. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) are completely waterproof, thanks to the PVC.


When installed, know that LVP is form fitting to the subfloor. It molds to the subfloor and is flexible when put down. It has a tongue-in-groove system that completely seals the subfloor from the top. LVT also has a tongue-in-groove system, but it can also allow grout to be put down to add to the visuals of the tile.

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