Yes. There are two ways to install luxury vinyl plank or tile. One is the glue-down method. That's exactly as it sounds. The other is the floating floor technique. Please read further to learn more.

Floating floors: easy & fast

With a floating floor, the pieces click to form a mat. Then the single flooring unit hovers over the subfloor without any adhesives.

An advantage is that you can lift the pieces easily without damage or waste. If you move to another house or want to change the room, take the luxury vinyl tile or plank.

Why do I need a professional to place these floors if it's so easy?

When something's installed correctly, it performs and looks great for a long time. So while this vinyl is a premium product, it's still very economical.

Luxury vinyl is entirely waterproof, but it's still somewhat porous. There are microscopic holes in the material through which humid or dry air circulates.

Installers will ensure it's acclimated and leave a hairline gap between the floor and wall. Even if it expands, LVT or LVP won’t cup or crown.

What is acclimation?

Have your product delivered at least three days before installation. Then leave opened boxes or, if you have room, the pieces side-by-side on the floor where it's to be installed.

This will also give the product a chance to align its moisture levels from storage with your house.

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